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NKI Nettstudier - Norway's largest provider of online education

NKI Nettstudier offers flexible online education within a wide range of disciplines in partnership with recognized colleges. NKI’s courses are available 24/7, 365 days a year; so that you can start whenever you want, from anywhere you are, with the help of teachers, study counselors, and learning partners. Last year, NKI registered approximately 10,000 students.

NKI Nettstudier offers a wide range of studies

NKI students can choose from a pool of over 350 individual courses and studies. Courses range from IT and communication to Business Administration, Economy and finance, Health and Social care, and Languages which are taught at Secondary, Associate, College and University level.

NKI’s administration is made up of more than 30 employees and approximately 115 teachers. Most studies are offered to Norwegian speaking students, though we are developing coursework in English in partnership with prime Colleges and Universities abroad, such as Berghs School of Communication in Sweden. 

Why study with NKI Nettstudier?

  • Our courses are developed in partnership with some of the leading Universities in Norway
  • Our students get full support from study counselors, teachers and learning partners
  • You can start whenever you want and follow the progression plan you’ve decided
  • Accessible from any support with access to Internet (Smartphone, Ipad etc.)
  • You may choose to work by yourself or collaborate with other students
  • For most studies at secondary or university level, you can take the examination at a local school, or at a Norwegian embassy abroad
  • Several studies carried showed that online students usually do better at exams than regular on-campus students.

NKI's head office is in Oslo. Our courses are mainly in Norwegian, but also assess options for eventually being able to offer studies and courses in Danish, Swedish and English.

We hope to hear from you soon!

Reach us by phone: +47 67 58 88 00 or e-mail: post@nki.no

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