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The project

The activity of DELPHI is an attempt to cluster, synthesize, analyze and thereafter disseminate ICT-based research findings of socio-economic value. Project results are to be drawn from the Programmes SOCRATES, IST and "Improving the Socio-economic Knowledge Base". The central concerns of DELPHI are: learning/teaching issues; institutional perspectives to the introduction and scalability of innovation in learning contexts; and socio-cultural issues including those of lifelong learning. DELPHI, through its investigative activity aims at the setting of an Internet-based Observatory on e-Learning Innovation.

The main objectives of the DELPHI-project is to:

  • Critically assess a cluster of projects of the 5th framework, programme and action calls of IST, IHP and MINERVA, that are specially connected to the application of ICT in education and especially addressing e-learning issues by identifying new methods and practices.
  • Set-up an observatory for scientific monitoring and evaluation of ICT eLearning emergent use for education and training in Europe building up on existing national, European and international practices with a special focus on e-learning innovations.
  • Implement a European laboratory for innovation in e-learning as a source of reference and guidance to European research and an active promoter and disseminator of innovative research projects.

Project data

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